. ( 42 )

Angels Weeping over the Dead Christ
Et in Arcadia Ego
A Donor Presented to the Virgin
Ermina Finds the Wounded Tancred
The Martyrdom of St Peter
Mystical Marriage of St Catherine of Alexandria
Return of the Prodigal Son

The Resurrected Christ Appears to the Virgin
Samson Captured by the Philistines
Susanna and the Elders
St William of Aquitaine Receiving the Cowl
St Augustine Washing the Feet of the Redeemer
St Augustine, St John the Baptist and St Paul the Hermit
St Augustine
Martyrdom of St Catherine
The Entombment of Christ
The Flagellation of Christ
St Francis with an Angel Playing Violin
St Marguerite
Saul Attacking David
St Luke Displaying a Painting of the Virgin
Doubting Thomas

Abraham Casting Out Hagar and Ishmael


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